every muscle that I have
is trying to resist
but I insist
I just can't stay
I'm running away

the sea is high
my ship is tossed and thrown
and I know just what it takes
to calm the waves
standing on the deck
getting soaked to the bone
will I dare to take the step
will I jump into the water
and be saved

my feet are kissing the water
before they sink in the sand
and my look, the sea and the sky
are tied and anchored
they've been working all morning
loading cases and fixing the sails
I fell my heart, it's pounding hard
tomorrow I'll be gone away

I'm running away from the voices
inside my head
my destiny's calling
but I will follow my fears
I'm letting them make all my choices
lying awake in my bed
will they ever let me go
will they fade away over the years?


Double Bass – Nimrod Lachish
Viola – Noam Haimovitz Weinschel


Jonah was the first single released under

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